Cedar Decking

Quick Update:  Why pick Cedar?

You might ask why you would pick cedar to build a deck out of.  My newest client decided that they would use the long lasting durability of Composite Decking and the beautiful look and smell of Cedar for their pergola, privacy wall and posts.  I know that they made a good choice. 

Cedar has natural chemicals in it to deter from insects and rot.  It is very long lived with the proper care, can look great for a long time.  We used linseed oil on the cedar to extend the life, prevent cracks and give the wood a color pop.  The oil makes all of the natural colors shine and helps with natural wear and tear.

Check out the images of the brand new deck in the gallery and on the front page to see what cedar can do for your backyard.

What kind of stone?

When you are choosing to use stone to build a patio, walkway or retaining wall, you will probably be asking yourself:  What type of choices do I have?  Even 10 years ago, the choices were pretty minimal compared to what there is now.  There are two major suppliers of stone for our area.  One is the company Expocrete, and the other is Barkman.  We can supply almost any stone choices from both companies.  Here are links to their sites with many great examples of what they will look like finished.

Expocrete: Click Here

Barkman: Click Here

And to cap off this week's blog, here's a cool stone idea!

Image courtesy of Expocrete.com

Image courtesy of Expocrete.com

Advantages of different deck surfaces

In this blog we will be comparing the main differences between the deck surfaces that you are able to choose from when building.  Here are the choices starting from most affordable with most maintenance to least affordable with no maintenance.

Pressure Treated

Pros: Most affordable option, quick install, you can stain it any color you wish, resists rotting.


Pros: Affordable option, quick install, beautiful wood grain, resists rotting.


Pros: Has a very long life span and warranty, low maintenance, nice on the feet.

Cedars Hedges (Let us plant one for you today!)

Good afternoon,

I know many of you out there in Alberta would probably second guess the idea of hedging with cedars but I will change your mind in 2 min with a great variety that many people aren't aware of called the Techny Cedar.

- Hardy to -45c and windburn resistant unlike many of the 'Emerald Cedars' that are bought for cheap at places like Home Depot and Rona.  You can safely plant this almost anywhere in Alberta and expect it to live through our harshest of winters with no browning.

-It is a wide and fast growing cedar up to 8 or 10 feet so you do not have to plant as many to get a hedge.  It can also grow up to 15 feet at least.  It also fills in nicely all the way to the ground.  Can grow up to 2ft per year if taken care of properly.

Because I am documenting the growth of my own cedar hedge, you can see how they grow throughout the years.  I planted them in June 2015 and they have already grown about 1 to 1.5 ft.  I live in an area that can drop below -40c, so they will be tested very well.  Thankfully many other people have tried this plant in my area for years and they grow to a large size and always stay green.

April 2016 Techny Cedar hedge in st. paul, ab

April 2016 Techny Cedar hedge in st. paul, ab




Newest Landscape Designs

As the summer of 2016 is approaching quickly, I have decided to begin a blog that will document all of the new landscape designs and completed yards this year. The first landscape design that I would like to document is on an acreage just south of St. Paul, AB.